Would you like to...

  • Respond to your little one's cries and attune to their needs?

  • Create more connection and fun in your household?

  • Follow a science-based plan that supports your child's emotional needs, development and parent-child attachment?

  • ...AND get more SLEEP?!?

Your little one needs loving connection, healthy attachment and lots of sleep. So do you!

Hey There!

I'm Hali, a (formerly) sleep-deprived mom of 2, happily married, holistic sleep coach. I'm all about sleep, mental health, life-long learning and anything woo-woo. A natural-born helper, I'm happiest when guiding and supporting parents like you in living your very best, rested life.

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What other happy families are saying...

"Hali has a unique and effective approach that I believe many parents will covet; she helped me with both my older infant and toddler.  Especially as a health care practitioner, I valued her thoughtful blend of biologic principles and knowledge of child behaviour and development. She doesn't simply prescribe a "sleep training" philosophy or technique - she makes suggestions to address the child's entire day, routine, and most importantly, she emphasizes principles of how to meet the emotional and developmental needs of your child, which in turn impact sleep. She understands children, not just sleep"

Sonal Gandhi BSc, MD, MSc

"Hiring Hali was a wonderful decision. Yes, wonderful, as she has done wonders to our baby sleeping regimen. Before we started working with Hali, our one-year old baby girl Sofia wouldn’t sleep in the morning and only go for a nap in afternoon and only if she was in a stroller...Sofia agreed to sleep only in our bed...by the end of the first week of working with Hali, Sofia has started sleeping in her own crib in her own room and falling asleep almost on her own without waking up at night. Thus, everyone in our family has finally started getting adequate and very much needed rest. We all are happier and more stress resilient now. Thank you, Hali!"    

Natalia Zuznetcova

Sofia's Mommy

"Hali quite literally changed our life. I was co-sleeping with my 14 month old who breastfed all night long and woke every hour... I was at rock bottom and desperate for help when I contacted Hali and it was the best thing I ever did for my child and for myself. Her program was gentle and tailored to suit us and our particular situation...  We were able to implement changes at our own pace and within three weeks my daughter slept in her own bed and room without any stress and without any wakings throughout the night. It’s amazing! You simply cannot put a price on sleep and I cannot recommend Hali and her programme highly enough - we are forever grateful!" 

Emily Gratton

Vivienne's Mommy

"After almost 3 months of non-stop night wakings, I never thought my 8 month old son would sleep through the night again.  Within a week of using Hali's sleep plan, he stopped all night feeding , and was on his way to sleeping 12 hours a night!  He now regularly sleeps 10-12 hours a night, and I really don't think we could've done it without Hali's help."

Mary Music

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